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Carcassing, CLS & Batten

Timber and Roofing Bishop Auckland Strength Graded Timber is timber that has been graded in strength classes. Grading is the way of assessing the strength of timber depending on its species and grade. To make things easier, the species and grades are combined into classes of similar strength. Classes are arranged weakest to strongest depending on the number. The different grades for timber include C16, or C24. C16 is the main grade of timber and is mostly used for building work in roof/floor joists.
Timber Products Bishop Auckland CLS or Canadian Lumber Standard is primarily used externally and internally timber frame home construction. There are a wide range of sizes and grades available. It is produced from kiln dried spruce, then planed and finished with eased edges to very precise tolerances.
Timber and Roofing Bishop Auckland Treated Carcassing helps to prevent deterioration of timber in damp sections of buildings or when used outside. It receives pressure treatment with a preservative which inhibits rot. Specialist Timber & Roofing LTD provide treated carcassing in a wide array of sizes including joists. Get in touch to find out more information about our Treated Carcassing.
Timber and Roofing County Durham Untreated Carcassing is optimal for situations where damp is highly unlikely to be a factor. Perfectly suited for applications such as studwork and framing available in a fine sawn finish.
Timber Products Bishop Auckland Premium Roofing Battens are available at Specialist Timber and Roofing LTD for a variety of roofing applications. Battens are the structural element of the roof and provide rigidity especially when modern trussed rafters are used. They are also used to provide a strong support for tiles or slates secured by nails or clips.
Timber and Roofing Bishop Auckland Site Pegs are pressure treated pegs that are perfect for securing path edging or for visually marking out wide areas of land. The pointed ends ensure easy insertion into an array of surface types.
Timber and Roofing Bishop Auckland T & G (Tongue & Groove) Boards from Specialist Timber & Roofing Products are one of the most adaptable and easy to use products. They interlock to create strong, resilient walls. They are available with and without preservative and come in a range of sizes and colours.

Sheet Materials

Timber and Roofing County Durham Plywood is very thin layers of timber glued tightly together to create an impressive inflexibility in a wood that is quite thick. This is ideal for roofing, flooring, walls and many many more. Contact us today for more information on the different types of Plywood we can supply.
Timber Products Bishop Auckland Chipboard is very versatile timber which allows it to be used for a variety of applications. Whether it's standard grade or through to higher grade, Chipboard timber from Specialist Timber & Roofing will suit your construction needs including furniture, worktops and shelving.
Timber and Roofing Bishop Auckland MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) is available to supply with a multitude of properties such as Moisture Resistant. Moisture Resistant MDF is ideal for windowsills and cabinets in rooms of the house such as bathrooms where the humidity may cause normal MDF to degenerate.
Timber and Roofing County Durham OSB (Oriented Strand Board) is similar to plywood in that is uses differently orientated wood fibres to increase rigidity of the board. This allows for a very stiff board without a lot of weight. This is ideal for roofing and flooring. OSB comes in two different types - OSB2 and OSB3. OSB3 is just as versatile as OSB2 but is made to deal with damp environments.
Timber Products Bishop Auckland Door Blanks from Specialist Timber & Roofing can be supplied with a huge choice of timber including MDF, Hardwood Core and Laminated Core. Also there are fire resistant Heavy Duty door that have been tested beyond the requirements of severe duty, with strong high density core timber.
Timber and Roofing Bishop Auckland Fibreboards are made by mixing wood fibres and adhesive. This hardboard is thin, tough and versatile, while staying highly economical. It is ideal in the construction of furniture, cabinets and usage in flooring.


Timber and Roofing Bishop Auckland Fence Boards from Specialist Timber & Roofing provide you with great flexibility when building fences in your garden, or on site. We can supply you with boards that are pressure treated which are durable and easy to maintain. Also the colour of the treated fence boards will merge perfectly to an outdoor environment.
Timber and Roofing County Durham Timber Fence Posts are ideal when constructing garden fences. Whether it is a large quantity of just a single Fence Post to carry out a repair, we are here to help. All of the Timber Posts that Specialist Timber & Roofing supply are pressure treated to enable longer life, and are available in different coatings and colours.
Timber Products Bishop Auckland Timber Fencing Rails come in three different types. These are Arris Rail, Cant Rail and Motorway Rail. We can supply you with all of these types of pressure treated fencing rail, if you are unsure about what type is best suited to your job, please get in touch and talk to one of our experienced employees.
Timber and Roofing Bishop Auckland Birdsmouth fencing is used mainly to create a strong boundary around car parks or play areas. The posts that are in the ground are cut with a V shape at one end. A bigger square sawn rail about 12ft long will then sit in the gap made by the V shape of the post.
Timber and Roofing County Durham Lap Panel Fences are suitable for many applications, providing privacy for places such as your home garden. These are formed from edge boards that are partially overlapped horizontally. They are then framed with vertical battens and complete top cappings.
Timber Products Bishop Auckland Gates are available in a multitude of types and sizes. We can construct gates for gardens, courtyards, driveways and many more. All of our gates are constructed from high quality timber and are made to the customer's specification.
Timber and Roofing Bishop Auckland Field Gates are also available in a multitude of types and sizes. These gates will be a perfect addition to any field and are made specially using high grade quality timber.
Timber and Roofing County Durham Tanalised Timber is timber that has undergone pressure treatment. The timber is then applied under vacuum and pressure impregnated by soaking. This provides good protection against fungi and insects and slight protection against fire.
Timber Products Bishop Auckland Close Board Fencing is renowned for its strength while staying pleasing on the eye. Rails are precision sawn which results in a neat finish and increased strength. All of the fixings are stainless steel or galvanised.
Timber and Roofing Bishop Auckland Trellis panels are perfect for forming the foundations of your garden, leaving you with a great structure for your climbing flowers and shrubs. They can offer a practical and also attractive gardening solution by giving you privacy and security with style.
Timber and Roofing County Durham Palisade Metal Security Fencing offer an easy yet highly effective security solution. Once assembled, Palisade fencing offers a long lasting and formidable deterrent against crime and vandalism. There are options in regards to headers and fasteners to suit your preferred security level requirements.


Timber Products Bishop Auckland Softwood Decking at Specialist Timber & Roofing offers a wide range of design options. Our decking board range is available in a wide range of styles and colours, as well as coming in a range of standard sizes, and available to a pre-cut size.
Timber and Roofing Bishop Auckland Hardwood Decking is great for a multitude of purposes. It can be used to hide and cover up unwanted surfaces, or can be styled and laid in a way that looks aesthetically pleasing and attractive. It can also be a way to add a practical edge to slopes in a garden by adding steps or different levels.
Timber and Roofing County Durham Softwood Posts ideal for Post and Rail fencing. These posts can be notched or morticed depending on your choice of railing. Pressure treated softwood posts also available to ensure longer life and durability.
Timber Products Bishop Auckland Hardwood Posts available in a wide range of thicknesses, widths and lengths. It can be used as either structural timber to support beams or joists, or as a decorative timber to provide an attractive look to a home owner or designer.
Timber and Roofing Bishop Auckland Spindles from Specialist Timber & Roofing Products can have an overwhelming effect on your stairs. If you're looking for an attractive style then look no further as we stock Stair Spindles in a wide range of timbers and styles.
Timber and Roofing County Durham Handrails make a staircase stylish and safe. Simply stain, paint or vanish and wall mount your handrail to make going up and down the stairs even easier! Available with end caps, choice of wood and many more components.
Timber Products Bishop Auckland Whatever length of Newel Post you need, we can provide you with one that fits your specifications perfectly. They are available in many stunning styles so there is a design fit for everyone at Specialist Timber & Roofing Products.

Roofing and Guttering Products

Timber and Roofing Bishop Auckland Plywood sheathing provides great performance for walls and roofings in the light commercial and residential construction industry. Plywood sheathing is strong, and durable, as well as being stiff.
Timber and Roofing County Durham We offer Roofing Sheets that are available in a wide variety of properties. We supply Metal Roofing Sheets, Polycarbonate and Plastic Sheeting, in a wide range of sizes and colours, corrugated or not.
Timber Products Bishop Auckland Our Guttering systems come in a wide range of types and colours. Types include PVC, Steel, Aluminium, while colours include black, white, brown and grey. Our gutters are quality assured are come in a range of shapes and sizes.
Timber and Roofing Bishop Auckland Roof Trusses provide a structural frame for a roof. They deliver a flexible and practical solution to supporting roof materials. They can use up to 40% less timber than an ordinary roof, so they also come with affordability.

Guillotine and Presswork

Timber and Roofing Bishop Auckland Here at Specialist Timber & Roofing Products, we employ a various number of processes for high quality Press Work. For example Single Operation - using individual tools in separate presses, and Progression Tooling - this uses one tool for a number of operations and material used is in coil form.


Timber and Roofing County Durham Postcrete is a quick-setting and ready-to-use mix of sand, cement and additives. This is made for fixing wooden, concrete and metal posts. Postcrete sets in about 10 minutes saving time and effort.

Box Section Roofing Sheets

Timber Products Bishop Auckland Box Profile Roofing Sheets are a modern alternative to corrugated metal roofing sheets. Box Profile is commonly used for industrial and agricultural buildings. It comes in a variety of finishes including galvanised and polyester.

Timber Products and Fixings

Timber and Roofing Bishop Auckland Wood Preserve from Ronseal offers protection from rot and decay for your wood. Products available for both indoor and outdoor usage. This will keep your fence looking great for longer, as well as protect in any weather scenario.
Timber and Roofing County Durham Decking Preserve protects your decking and keeps it look great. Decking Oil gives a light tint to the wood, while decking stain gives a richer colour to the decking as well as a bit more protection.
Timber Products Bishop Auckland At Specialist Timber and Roofing, you'll find a complete range of fixings and fasteners that are highly suitable for a range of applications, including woodscrews, timber & decking screws, and many more.
Timber and Roofing Bishop Auckland Teks screws drill, tap and fasten all in one operation. They are perfect for timber frames, roofing, and joists. They have excellent driving stability, as well as high clamping action which makes them perfect for your next construction job.
Timber and Roofing County Durham We have a wide range of Roof Edging and Flashing products available at Specialist Timber and Roofing. There are a variety of colours and profiles to choose from while protecting against water infiltration.
Timber Products Bishop Auckland Flashing tape provides an instant waterproof seal, no matter the weather. It is quick and easy to apply as there are no specialist tools required. It is heat resistant and comes in a wide range of sizes and colours.